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We're a family-run travel company, bonded with the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) since 1988 and specialising in safari holidays to southern Africa. We, Chris and Mike, spent all of our formative years in the small African kingdom of Swaziland, and have spent the last 18 years in the UK enticing people to go and experience the splendour of this fabulous part of the world.

We’ve created a host of personal itineraries for individual clients – then planned every detail of their journey for them to give optimal travelling pleasure. So confident are we in the arrangements which we make that we always provide a 24 hour telephone number to each client so they can call us to say how well it is going!

We also accompany our own small-group tours which we design personally – and research meticulously. Hundreds of ‘safari-virgins’ have had their first experience of the world we love on one of these holidays. And many return time after time to capture the wonder of it again!

If you’re considering a safari-based holiday, we’d love to help you plan the perfect trip designed with you, your budget and your desires in mind.Within this website, you’ll find a small selection of our favourite safari lodges in South Africa and Botswana – but we’ve many more secrets to share. Africa is our second home. Quite simply, we love it – and we’d really like to help you get the most out of it. Call or Email us, we’ll enjoy chatting to you about our favourite subject.

I grew up and started my eye-opening education in Swaziland, then read zoology at university in South Africa. By this time I’d developed a lasting passion for the southern African people and the indigenous wildlife. With a smattering of the Zulu language (a little from school but mostly from my great friend Fana the gardener, who naturally began my lessons with all the swear-words), I managed to travel all over the area. Having relatives in northern Botswana meant many visits to the wonderful & wild Okavango Delta and Chobe - shooting only with my still-loved camera. Now I’m settled in the UK, I love to share my fervour for Africa. I get a real thrill helping other people get the best out of their trip there. In my opinion, everyone should have at least one, true African experience in their life, just to help complete it. Contact me at chris@safaripride.co.uk
Having been raised in Swaziland and travelled extensively around the region, Africa is very much in my blood … Because of the abundance of elephant and big cat populations in eastern Botswana my personal favourite place is Mashatu Game Reserve … I can think of little better than sitting with a G & T at the Main Lodge, over-looking the nearby waterhole … wondering what might just emerge this evening from the enveloping bush for a drink of its own ..! Get me on mike@safaripride.co.uk

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